ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — New York State Assemblymember Harry Bronson is calling for mandated guidance immediately to open nursing homes for visitors.

“Over the last 14 months, we have heard over and over from distraught family members across the state about the toll the visitation ban in nursing homes has taken on their loved ones,” Bronson said in a Friday statement.

Bronson is calling on the New York State Department of Health to issue “mandated guidance immediately to all nursing homes across the state to open their doors for personal and compassionate caregiving visitors.”

According to the Assemblymember, it’s been nearly 50 days since the the state expanded visitation in nursing homes, and since then: “Families have been waiting while many facilities continue to unduly restrict visitation by loved ones. There is no excuse to prolong this suffering.”

Bronson says Friday was the day lawmakers expected to see guidance from the Department of health, but that hasn’t happened.

“Families in our state have waited too long already,” Bronson said.

The bill, S614B, already signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo “provides for the authorization and regulation of visitation of compassionate care-giving visitors at nursing homes and residential health care facilities.”

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