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Dan Hawken rides his 1982 Schwinn Racer nearly everyday. 

“There’s definitely room for improvement,” said Hawken. “For example, on my street we don’t have room for bike lanes, sometimes the road you know we’d like to see improvement just on the surface.”
Mayor Margay Blackman, a cyclist herself, knows the village can do better too and she’s trying to help.
The village received a grade of ‘B’ for biking paths and ‘C’ for walkability, after a federally-funded grant allowed Brockport to plan for transportation improvements.
“I mean, you can practically get wiped out on a bicycle at the corner of routes 19 and 31 in Sweden, because the lane, what is the shoulder of the road…narrows to next to nothing,” said Mayor Blackman.
Brockport is looking at the Transportation Enhancement Program, or ‘TEP’ to fund what they’re hoping will be a $250,000 enhancement. They’re aiming to add sidewalks, double up on bike lanes, and connect the nearby towns of Sweden and Clarkson. 
Businesses on Main Street are also hoping for a boost.
Bitsy Delorme, the owner of Burrito Fresco on Main Street in Brockport, is always trying to feed more people.
“We get a lot of bikers especially during the summer,” said Delorme. “Off of the canal and running in groups.
It’s been really good for us so far. But more would always be better.”
Hawken knows it’s easy for out-of-town visitors on the Erie Canalpath to bypass Brockport. 
“I’ve always been a proponent of more signage along the canal,” added Hawken. “You’re not allowed to put commercial advertisement along the canal specifically, but you can have signage by the municipalities.
So you let people know that our village is coming up in a mile or two.”

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