Brockport CSD holds public hearing before budget re-vote

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Fewer than 100 votes killed Brockport’s budget on May 21, a good number of those “no’s” were delivered by the district’s teacher’s aides who campaigned against it. Many in that group were at the district’s public hearing 

“We’re frustrated, yes,” says Sandy Hayes a teacher’s aide. She and a group took to social media before the vote claiming the district is spending too much on administration and not enough on the classroom. 

“It’s also very important to have qualified teacher’s aides,” says Hayes. 

A part of the non-teaching union, Jane Ajte says the budget itself has some questionable spending. “It doesn’t have enough transparency for us to be able to see what it’s all going toward,” she adds. 

The former mayor says she might not know everything that’s going on with the budget, but she has faith with those behind the scenes. Josephine Matela says, “I voted yes because I trust the people who are putting the budget together.”

The district could have lowered the budget for the second vote, but did not. They are asking voters to approve the same budget they just turned down. One teacher we spoke with did not say whether she will vote for it this time around, instead, she came to get more information. 

“It’s just making sure that we’re hearing the community and doing what’s best for the kids,” says Sundae Avery.

In a statement from the Brockport Board of Education, they say, “The budget sub-committee worked year-round to generate a budget that supports our strategic plan, maximizes student achievement and addresses fundamental areas of growth. The district closed a $1.8 million budget gap by decreasing many categories within the budget. On May 29, the Brockport Central School District Board of Education weighed the three options and passed a resolution for a re-vote of the budget.”

Residents will have an opportunity to cast their vote on the proposed over $82 million dollar budget on June 18, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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