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A new group of teaching artists has formed in Rochester to connect with local schools and help bring the arts to children.

Educators can attend a Showcase performance next Thursday, September 27 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the School of the Arts in Rochester.

The Latina Storyteller Annette Ramos and Larry Moss of Airigami discussed Teaching Artists ROC and the Showcase Friday during News 8 at Sunrise.

“These are teaching artists, artist professional, artist and educators, that teach and enhance learning through art,” said Moss. “Everybody in the group had previously been part of Young Audiences of Rochester and other fantastic organizations that supported the schools with educational art programs and due to changes we no longer have Young Audiences unfortunately in town. The artists have gotten back together in a effort to reconnect with the schools to continue the work we were all doing.”

Ramos explained what the teaching artists bring to students. “The work is really around reinforcing academic learning, being a partner in the classroom with teachers, being a partner in the schools within a curriculum based educational program. So, for example, when youth are learning dance they really are also learning sequencing, patterning. There are all these connections that the arts make to academic learning. The wonderful thing is that whether they are learning about balloon art, or storytelling, they are engaged wholeheartedly in the experience of that art form. But they are also learning reading, math, and writing skills. We have a rich city filled with amazing artists that are vetted, professional, and ready to come back in the classrooms to help teachers.”

The Showcase is designed to give educators a taste of what the teaching artists can do. “In the Young Audiences day we had a annual showcase where educators, community groups, leaders, could come in and once a year, see what all the different artists had to offer. So you weren’t just looking in a catalog and guessing if the person would be appropriate, so we decided that would be the best way to reach the community again, was to exactly have one of those showcases. Artist driven, we have found a way to get together working with School Of the Arts to present. Next Thursday we want to see as many teachers, PTA groups, people like that, librarians, that put on community and school shows that are looking for a educational angle.”

For more information about Teaching Artists ROC and the upcoming Showcase, visit

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