BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC) — Following a Planned Parenthood Clinic closing in Greece back in 2020, a new facility is likely coming to Brighton after the planning boards approval. 

In a unanimous decision the board voted to allow the women’s health organization to move forward on their construction plans to put up a new clinic off South Clinton Ave. to provide counseling and other health resources to people. 

The decision of approval came with 28 conditions to be complete, but board members also heard from concerned residents in town for and against the project going up. 

More than 40 people took the podium in front of the Town’s Planning Board both in favor and opposed to this new Planned Parenthood center going up along South Clinton Ave. ranging from new access to affordable healthcare for all and protections for the unborn. 

Despite being mostly known by society for performing abortions Planned Parenthood practices other services like mental health counseling for women which locals like Rachel Rosensimpson say saved her life to become a mother after she was raped in college. 

“I don’t think I would have survived if I didn’t have access to counseling. At the time didn’t have healthcare that would cover mental health services I would not have survived to be here tonight and I’m 30 weeks pregnant so this little one wouldn’t have made it either.”

In clinic abortion in the state of New York without any medical threats to the woman can be performed up to 24 weeks after a patients last menstrual period. While medical research supports no fetus capable to live outside the womb before 21 weeks, anti-abortion protestors still call them living and deserve protection. 

“Everything in the picture indicates the development of a human being. It has a heart, it has lungs, it has a heart beat, it has a face. You can tell what gender it is, all that stuff indicates to me it’s a human being,” Emily Gerlach said.

Dozens from both sides gathered outside with signs to pressure the planning board to swing the decision in their favor. Inside, despite a couple disorderly outbreaks, people made passionate statements for their cause. 

In the mean time a temporary planned parenthood clinic has gone up nearby officially this past Monday. This proposal follows a clinic in Greece Closing its doors last year.