BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC) – A privately-owned, suburban surgery center has been named one of the best in New York and the United States.

Brighton Surgery Center is getting ready to celebrate 20 years in business.

Most recently, they were recognized on a national scale by Newsweek as third in the state and first in the region for best ambulatory surgery centers.

Of more than 500 centers ranked by Newsweek, Brighton Surgery Center is the only one from Western New York to receive the honor.

For nearly two decades, the center has served thousands, specializing in ophthalmology, among other treatments.

“We’ve really progressed as far as patient care and making sure the staff are skilled in what they do and their compassion when the patients come through, understanding that most patients are nervous and concerned when they come in for surgery,” said Tom Weibel, COO for Brighton Surgery Center.

Centers were ranked on surgery preparation, surgical care, follow-ups, wait times and management during the pandemic.

Dr. Joseph Armenia is an ocular plastic surgeon, who describes the center’s persistence shortly after the COVID shutdown in March 2020.

“Surgery was pretty much shut down four or five days later, and not being able to provide surgical care for my patients was challenging. We were able to quickly, probably by June or July, do cases again. I think we were shut down a little bit shorter than other ambulatory surgery centers through the hospitals once we were able to get the testing apparatus in place,” said Dr. Armenia.

Dr. Armenia says they were also able to bring other surgeons in to practice there, as hospital-based surgery centers were largely shut down at the time.

“It really does spotlight a privately-owned surgery center in the midst of the two conglomerates here in the community. It shows we can bring better patient care and more compassionate care to the patients as they come in,” said Weibel.

This also marks the first time Brighton Surgery Center has received this kind of recognition.