During a community forum Tuesday, Dr. Marlowe Washington gave an update on his progress so far as the Brighton Central School District’s Diversity Consultant.
Dr. Washington, who was hired in September, told the group he’s been meeting with the black student union once a week and speaking with teachers about the efforts he’s putting forth.
News 8 asked him what issues are at the top of his list moving forward.
“Curriculum; dealing with the curriculum and making sure it’s culturally sensitive, but that’s across Monroe County.”
Dr. Washington also said they need to deal with hiring more diverse teachers.
“Students respond to teachers who look like them. We need to hire a diverse community that will include blacks, Latinos, Asians [and more].”
Jaclyn Richard of Brighton said she was at the meeting Tuesday simply to listen.
“If there’s anything we can do to make things more comfortable so everyone rises up together, we should do it.”