BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC) — A nice bike ride after wrapping up some classes at New York University sounded perfect to second-year medical student David Jevotovsky.

“I went to go get a bike and hopped on. The next thing I remember was in the hospital,” said Jevotovsky, a 2012 graduate of Brighton High School.

On that fall day in 2017, Jevotovsky was hit by a car and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

“I wasn’t sure if they knew if he was going to live or not,” said Ira Jevotovsky, David’s father.

Jevotovsky received care from a team at the very school he was attending.

“Once we analyzed his CT scan, it was pretty clear he was going to need not only surgery, but a long intensive care unit stay in his near future,” said Dr. Yosef Dastagirzada with Neurosurgery NYU Health.

What David did not need, though, was faith in the future.

“I never once doubted the fact that I would keep going,” Jevotovsky said.

David eventually went back to school.

“It took time, certainly that first test was not easy,” Jevotovsky recalled.

Five years after the accident on Wednesday, Jevotovsky not only graduated from medical school but also picked up an MBA.

“My family, first doctor in the family, I couldn’t be any more proud,” Ira Jevotovsky said.

Proud of a son whose faith in the future is fortified by faith in himself.