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Brain hormone may fight breast cancer

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Researchers at Michigan State University say a brain hormone could help fight breast cancer. 
Scientists treated cancerous tumors they grew in a laboratory with the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin. 
They concluded the melatonin significantly decreased the number and size of breast cancer tumors when compared to a control group.
Disease specialists have long suspected a link between sleep deprivation and breast cancer. 
The C.D.C. says sepsis should be treated as a medical emergency. 
It’s urging healthcare providers to prevent, recognize and treat the infection quickly, before it causes life, threatening illness or death. 
The C.D.C. says 70% of sepsis patients became infected after recent contact with medical services.
Children who use “standing desks” in the classroom are more likely to be at a healthy weight compared to those who sit at traditional desks. 
Texas researchers followed nearly 200 third and fourth graders. 
They found those who stood for both years averaged a 3% decrease in their body mass index, compared to those who sat. those kids recorded about a 2% increase. 

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