Get ready to kick up your heels for a great cause coming up on June 8!

Boots & Barrels will take place that night from 6:00 to 10:00 at Heritage Christian Stables on Salt Road in Webster.

Melinda Andolina, a member of the Board of Directors for Heritage Christian Services, and Samantha Schaubroeck, the Program Manager at Heritage Christian Stables, discussed the event and the riding program Tuesday during News 8 at Noon.

“We’re at the same place, on site,” said Andolina. “We’ll have bistro lighting, tents are up, and we are expanding our tastings from our local craft beers to whiskey tastings and wine tastings from our neighbors down at the Finger Lakes Community College. They have a wine program, so we’re going to be tasting that. And we solidified a chocolate tasting, so that’s a little different, and we’re going to pair that with some of our craft beers from Knucklehead, Genesee Brewery and Noble Shepherd.”

This classy hoedown will have guests busy in a good way according to Andolina. “They’re going to be coming into the stables. They’re going to visit the barn. They’re going to see the activities there, see the horses. They’re going to dress down in casual clothes, in their jeans, shorts. Come in and enjoy a classy hoedown with dinner, live music, a silent auction, and a live auction too!”

The riding program at Heritage Christian Stables has been transformative. “People sign up for a variety of reasons,” said Schaubroeck. “I think that it’s huge that we get the support and the knowledge out there that the physical and emotional benefits of horseback riding are wonderful, but honestly people come for the horses, and they stay for more than that – the friends, the camaraderie, the pat of your favorite horse, the high-fives. We’ve really established a community among our riders, our participants, our volunteers and it’s special when you leave you always feel better. I hear wonderful things about so many aspects of our program.”

Schaubroeck added, “I think that you come through the doors as individuals with your own differences, your own personal goals, but you’re there to make a difference – whether you need physical help or you need emotional support, or you need that shoulder from a horse or a friend it’s there, and we’re all part of it. We all support it!”

Tickets are going fast. Get yours by May 29 at