ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Today was a bones day.

A 13-year-old rescue pug named Noodle is helping millions of people shape their daily lives.

Owner and friend of Noodle, Rochester native Jonathan Graziano, has turned his morning ritual with the dog into a viral sensation on TikTok.

Graziano records himself sitting Noodle up each morning to see if the dog will stand on its own. If Noodle stays upright, it’s a “bones day,” and if he flops back over — which he often does — it’s a “no bones” day.

Thursday was indeed a bones day.

According to Graziano, a bones day means it’s a day to get out of bed and seize what opportunities present themselves, while a no bones day is a day to rest and take care of yourself.

“I would literally sit him up, I would just sit him up in his bed, and would be like ‘OK, lets do it,’ and he would flop right back down,” Graziano told News 8 Thursday.

While Noodle’s decision to stay standing or flop back over might sound like a silly way for some to dictate their daily plans — the 13-year-old pug has a serious following. Graziano’s TikTok account, where the morning ritual is posted, has more than 4.1 million followers and more than 41.5 million post likes, as of Thursday afternoon.

There’s even a separate Twitter account, not run by Graziano — with more than 250,000 followers — that’s simply dedicated to relaying the message of whether it’s a bones day or no bones day.

Noodle was rescued by Graziano at seven years old, and for the last six years, this has been a way for them to start their day, but only recently did it catch the attention of millions.

“It’s only been the past couple months that I’ve been posting these regularly on TikTok,” Graziano said. “2021 hit and I was like ‘the world is collapsing and I’m feeling stuck and I can do something creative.'”

And now the Rochester native and his loyal pal Noodle broadcast their ritual, connecting with millions from across the world from their New York City home.

“People have really latched on this as a way to help navigate their days and to bring some direction and some joy to what continues to be a very difficult time,” Graziano said.

Graziano and his pug companion spent this week with family back in Rochester, also known as Noodle’s vacation home.

“He loves coming home, especially to visit my mom,” Graziano said. “He’s visiting grandma’s house and he gets the five star treatment.”

So whether it’s a carpe diem kind of day, or a self-care kind of day, Noodle may help guide you in the right direction.

“Having a little push from a 13-year-old pug has really helped people,” Graziano said. “Through it all we hope Noodle will continue to inspire people to be kind to themselves or to be better than they think they are.”

Graziano also said he loves Lollypop Farm and urged anyone considering to bring an animal into their homes to consider a shelter or rescue center before looking elsewhere.

“Adopt, don’t shop!” Graziano said.