IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. (WROC) — Boating sales are up nationally, and the high demand is causing many marinas to fill up, as boaters look for a place to dock their new boats. 

With social events canceled and vacation on pause, marinas around the area saying they are seeing more customers now then ever, filling up the marinas and leaving boat sellers with little inventory left.

Devon Carter is taking out his new jet ski for the first time. He says the buying process was tricky because of the high demand, and he was lucky enough to get the last docking slip here at Southpoint Marina

“I actually bought a jet ski Memorial Day weekend, definitely paid a lot more than it was worth for it. Just, I figure there was nothing else to do this summer and might as well enjoy my time here on the lake,” said Devon Cottle.

Boat and other water craft sales are up for the season and locally, McMilan Maine sold out of its inventory before the season even started.

Yamaha sold 1,600 boats in May — about a third of what is typical for the year, according to the New York Times.

“A lot of the manufacturers are behind schedule because they couldn’t keep up in production with the high sales and because we had to shut down of a little while,” said David Heimes, General Manager McMillan Marine.

“We got great demand, we spend four to six hours a day disappointing people telling them, they can’t have it. But luckily now, the product is starting to come in here and it’s not over until we say it’s over,” said David Heimes, General Manager McMillan Marine.

And the high demand is leaving many marinas, like Southpoint Marina along Irondequoit bay, nearly sold out of dock slips.

“There’s a lot of social things that been canceled so I think people are spending more time on the boats. So yeah I would say it’s been a little bit more crowded here than past years,” said Michael Daniele, a manager at Southpoint Marina.

As a solution to the boat demand, McMilan Marine says they are getting a stock of next years boats, a month earlier than normal, just to keep their inventory full.