The New York State Department of Health recommends that all consumers served by the Village of Rushville’s Public Water Supply use alternate source of water for drinking, cooking, making ice, making infant formula, and preparing food and beverages until further notice.

Samples were collected by the Village of Rushville Public Water Supply showing a blue-green algae toxin called microcystin. It was found in drinking water delivered to consumers. The toxin was found in the water due to blue-green algae blooms occurring in Canandaigua Lake, which is the source of water for the Village of Rushville’s Public Water Supply.

The villages Public Water Supplier is working with the NYS Department of Health and Ontario and Yates County to provide bottled water for residents while the advisory is in place.

The water is still acceptable for bathing, washing hands, washing dishes and cleaning. Boiling water and in-home treatment will not remove the blue-green algae or its toxins. They will notify consumers immediately when the Health Advisory is discontinued and the water is suitable for all household uses.