Black Lives Matter march ends in 16 arrests

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Dozens of people took to Downtown Rochester on Saturday for a Black Lives Matter rally.

Demonstrators marched from Washington Square Park through the city. Eventually, the group made its way to Woodbury Boulevard and South Clinton Avenue where they attempted to block traffic. Rochester Police followed the group to ensure that matters did not escalate to violence.

As of 9:28 p.m., police report 16 people have been arrested after several warnings to leave.

Officer also said a few protestors remained locked arm-in-arm seated in the intersection of Woodbury Street and South Clinton Avenue.

Nearly 130 demonstrators gathered around 4 p.m. at Washington Square Park with posters and chalk. Many were chanting messages about equality. 

A Black Lives Matter organizer spoke to News 8, saying:

“If you really want understanding, you had to repeat and read things over and over again to understand the message. Every day is a new day for me and a new struggle. Everyday is a new fight and a struggle for my rights. It’s an attempt to find my voice.”

Each of those arrested were charged with two counts of Disorderly Conduct as follows: sub (5) obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic; sub (6) congregates with other persons in a public place and refuses to comply with a lawful order of the police to disperse. Disorderly Conduct is a violation.

The arrestees are to be arraigned in Rochester City Court on Monday. 

Nearly two years ago, a Black Lives Matter rally was held in Rochester that lasted throughout the night. 

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