Bizarre lights over Lake Ontario mystery solved

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On Tuesday night several mysterious lights showed up just after 8 p.m. over Lake Ontario and stuck around for only a few minutes. 

Kate Caven was headed to the beach with a few friends to catch the sunset. “All the sudden we saw these lights off to the right of the pier in the sky,” said Caven.

Assumptions were made. “There was one guy that was like ‘it’s aliens man!’,” said Caven. She remained calm and investigated.

“I grabbed my camera, switched out to my telephoto lense and tried to zoom in to see what it was,” said Caven. They thought maybe planes, and that guess was pretty close.

“What you saw in the air were flares,” said Julie Brunet, communications captain for 8 Wing Trenton, a part of the Canadian Air Force. Flares dropped from a mile above the lake out of planes. It was done by one of the Canadian Air Force search and rescue branches, according to Captain Brunet. Her description matches the pictures. “Our standard operating procedure is to send four to eight illumination flair for one training,”

Lake Ontario is a hot spot for vacationers, and people trying to beat the heat. Hence the training now at the  start of search and rescue season. “It provides lighting for them to do what they do best, which is rescuing people that are in distress,” said Brunet.

The flares must have worked if they were seen tens of miles away.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Caven.

This training occurs weekly, and continues through June.

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