If you thought the stock market was doing well lately, take a quick glance at what digital currency is doing for your portfolio. 

Bitcoin sold for a record high $11,200 per unit on Wednesday in New York, growing its value by more than 1000% this year. Experts say it’s a sign the currency is becoming more legitimate.

Digital currency, like Bitcoin, is traded anonymously online, and can be used for purchasing goods and services from certain companies, but many are now investing with it.

A local data storage company in Fairport, Savage IO, uses its facility primarily for data mining, with most of its business tied up in digital currency. 

Savage IO’s CTO Phil Roberto told News 8 Bitcoin and digital currency was once thought of as  joke, but it’s now raising eyebrows across the globe.

“Nobody’s really laughing anymore. I think we’re still in a wild wild west stage at this point. I think this is huge for global adoption. I think it’s a big deal for bitcoin itself in the community,” said Roberto.

That’s because the perception of digital currency has changed, according to Roberto. 

If you’re interested in acquiring Bitcoin in New York State, you can use online exchanges such as Coin Base or Gemini. 

Roberto advised now is a great time to acquire the currency, though like any investment, you’ll need to keep a close watch.