The content of Aurra’s War might not suit everyone’s taste.

The book tosses the reader into a dystopian society riven by war.

While the book has few likable characters, an entire school community is getting behind its author.

Max Greanier, 17, is a senior at Bishop Kearney High School.

Like many students, Greanier was looking for something to do in the summer of 2020, so he started to write.

“It was more my idea of being bored and wanting to make something,” Greanier said. “I like the escapism, honestly. It’s kind of therapeutic. It’s fiction, so going into a different world, just leaving behind the real world and going somewhere different for a couple hours, it’s nice.”

Back in class, Greanier looks like a regular student and he is except he’s also now a published author.

A surprise to most, but not his English teacher.

“He got motivated after a lesson on Gothic writing and decided to go ahead and write his own Gothic story,” said Michele Johnson, his English teacher. “So he’s genuinely a pleasure to teach and I don’t say that lightly. I really do mean that.”

Greanier’s dad helped get the book published inadvertently giving his son a little extra homework.

”I’ve got a lot of autograph signings, people have sent me their book,” Greanier said.

Greanier will likely always write on the side, but instead of passing along his words he really wants to head back to the classroom as a teacher where he can pass along his passion.