A billboard unveiled Thursday by Gates police is warning drug dealers what could happen if someone dies using their products.

The billboard is now up on Vincent Street off of Lake Avenue. It reads: “We’ve had enough. If you deal drugs & someone dies, you’re going to prison for homicide.”

Underneath it says, “A message to drug dealers” and features the badges of local police departments. Officers were joined by other local leaders for the unveiling.

“Billboards like this — you can’t say that you don’t know that opioids cause death,” explains District Attorney Sandra Doorley. “Everyone knows, but you know what? The facts are there, the cases are going to be built and we’re going to be prosecuting you for these offenses — so beware.”

The billboard were funded by Gary Rogers who also donated posters and other billboards.

Wednesday, a Monroe County Heroin Task Force report said there has been 51 overdose deaths in Monroe County so far this year.