ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Monroe County Executive Adam Bello called for new legislation that would increase early intervention resources in New York for children and students during an address Saturday.

Known as the ‘Covered Lives Assessment,’ the proposed law would make billing and reimbursement easier for families statewide.

“We’re hoping this assessment becomes law,” Bello said. “This is the way we can have more resources into the system, get kids off waiting lists and give them the opportunity to succeed.”

Speech therapy and tutoring programs among other services for school-bound children are the main focus of Bello’s motion. If placed into law — it would generate $40 million for early intervention programs.

According to Bello, the legislation would be a fundamental investment.

“The services we’re talking about are speech therapy, occupational therapy and its for young children before [they reach] school age,” Bello said. “We make these investments early and it gives them the tools then need to success once they are ready to go to school.”

There are over 300 bills passed by the New York State that await Governor Kathy Hochul’s approval. ‘Covered Lives Assessment’ will first need to be made into legislation to take affect.

Bello’s public address was joined by local parents and industry therapists at the Rochester Public Library.