Families flock to local beaches boosting lake-area business

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — With schools on recess and many of the COVID-19 restrictions lifted, families and crowds of people flocked to local beaches in the Rochester area, bringing a much-needed boost to local business.

Lines stretched out the door at Windjammers on Lake Avenue Saturday, as the bar saw a huge crowd for the lunch rush.

“It’s already starting out to be a good solid summer, so it feels good,” Windjammers owner Lee Selover said.

With school over and most COVID-19 restrictions gone, bars and restaurants by the lake are seeing an uptick in customers.

“I think everybody was excited just to go out to lunch and be down here,” Selover said.

It was a similar scene at Schaller’s Drive-in, where a dinner rush kept cooks busy. Mangers there said many travelers stop for a bite during summer road trips and with travel picking up so has business.

“Traveling is like hands down one of our biggest customers, like people are off the plane we had to come to Schaller’s,” Schaller’s Drive-In Manager Jacob Morgan said. “I think the summers going to be really good. Already, like, we’ve just been crazy all day every day. It’s been great.”

The end of covid restrictions is also changing what type of activities are open.

Parkside Whispering Pines had to close for most of the pandemic because of the challenges with cleaning and social distancing but today families and groups came out for rounds of mini golf-giving the business a much-needed boost.

“We obviously have the dinner where we can seat people for eating, but to be able to do mini-golf again and have like an outside activity it’s definitely going to help, we hope,” Madison Wood, employee at Parkside Whispering Pines said.

This weekend is also a free fishing weekend, bait and tackle shops were filled with orders just another business thriving as we come of pandemic restrictions.

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