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A Rochester-based company is fighting digital fatigue and growing by serving as a leader in the postal software industry.

Chris Lien, the President of BCC Software, and Shawn Ryan, the company’s Vice President of Product Strategy, discussed the growth and what’s fueling it Tuesday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation.

“BCC Software has been around for 40 years and through the thousands of customers that we work with they’re processing tens of billions of pieces of mail every year,” said Lien. “So BCC Software is critical to the creation of direct mail and direct marketing capabilities with our customers. I know a lot about mailing and the U.S. Postal Service has been in the news lately. A lot of that has to do with first class mail. Our customers are producing advertising mail primarily and through that advertising mail they’re connecting and relating with their customers in some exciting different ways because physical mail has a real big impression on the brain for direct marketers that understand that.”

Lien explained that much of what happens with the software and with mail is related to data. “Every hour here in the United States about 6,500 to 7,000 people move – people, individuals, families, businesses – and so they’re moving all of the time,” he said. “BCC Software has a partnership with the U.S. Postal Service to leverage that change of address data and create addresses that are complete, correct, and current for delivery of the mail. And mail is powerful because it really presents sort of that physical part, which is important when we talk about things like digital fatigue.”

When it comes to digital fatigue, Ryan noted, “You’ve probably gotten in your own inbox thousands of unread messages from marketers. The likelihood that you’re ever going to go back and look at them, even just to get rid of them, is very low, but what you do have to do every day is go to your mailbox – or at least a couple of times a week – and pull those mail pieces out and look at them, even if it’s just to decide that it’s not for you and it’s that brand impression that people get that has helped direct mail remain relevant and helped us grow.”

When it comes to adding jobs, Ryan said the company is focused on talent and good synergy. “First and foremost, we’re looking for people who fit the culture at BCC,” he said. “We’ve got a fun culture. We enjoy it. I’ve been there eight years personally. So we’ve got about 20 jobs open. A lot of them are in our technical support group. Our technical support group is an inbound call center. It’s a little bit different than a lot of environments. The average tenure in that group is about six years. We’ve got a lot of those technical customer services jobs open, but we’ve also got jobs right now in finance, in marketing, in product development, in quality assurance and software engineering all open throughout the company – all here in Rochester.”

BCC Software, which is located near the campus of RIT, has found a home in Rochester. “The most important thing I think is the type of talent that we’ve got here,” Ryan said. “It’s been an interesting evolution. Rochester’s obviously got a very strong imaging background, right? Everybody knows Rochester for the imaging world which gave rise to a very strong – and continues to be very strong – commercial print world. We’ve been in Rochester. The company’s been around for 40 years. We’ve been in Rochester over 30-something. We continue to succeed and grow here. We did just acquire another company that’s got offices in other areas but we’re looking to continue that growth and fill those positions right here.”

To see our full conversation with Lien and Ryan, click the link below.

To learn more about career opportunities with BCC Software, visit BCCSoftware.com/careers.

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