TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WROC) — According to one complainant, an XPO Logistics “installer left in the middle of dishwasher installation. Left kitchen disconnected. Damaged my cabinets. Now I can’t use my sink. They refuse to send out a new team for a week.”

That complaint is one of hundreds filed with the Better Business Bureau over the last year against Connecticut-based transportation and logistics company XPO Logistics, which delivers large appliances and over-sized items throughout Western New York among other places and makes deliveries for various retailers like Lowe’s, Costco, Samsung, and Peloton.

The BBB gave XPO Logistics an “F” rating in February because the company left so many complaints unanswered – complaints that alleged failed deliveries and damage to the product and the home to which it was delivered.

According to the BBB, XPO Logistics, which has an operations center in Tonawanda, drew 285 complaints over the last 3 years and 133 of those have gone unaddressed.

“So that indicates to us as the BBB that something is wrong in the chain of command over there,” said Melanie McGovern, BBB spokesperson.

XPO responded to the “F” rating with this statement:

“Customer satisfaction is a top priority for XPO. We are collaborating with the BBB of Connecticut to better understand their concerns and resolve any complaints. The company handles approximately 10 million home deliveries annually, with most performed seamlessly. Regrettably, a small percentage of the time deliveries don’t go as smoothly as we would like or expect. Through our customer service centers, we work to quickly resolve issues and compensate consumers for any inconvenience. While the BBB is one source of information, there are thousands of reviews by satisfied consumers commending XPO for its service and professionalism.”

In response to XPO Logistics’ statement, McGovern said, “Anybody can go on Yelp and file a review. If any of those reviews are on BBB, they have to be verified by us before they were published so we always tell people to always check with us before they make any kind of decision.”

XPO Logistics told News 8 they are now in contact with BBB in hopes of resolving the outstanding issues.

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