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Batavia toddler recovers from dog attack

BATAVIA, N.Y. (WIVB) - You wouldn't know it by the sound of his laugh, that Maverick Brumsted-Shaw was mauled by his grandma's dog less than a month ago.

The Brumsted-Shaw's were over at family member's home for Easter; Maverick was sitting on the floor by his grandma and her dog, an 11-year-old black lab. 

"I was in shock immediately after it happened," said Erika Brumsted, Maverick's mom. 

Erika said the dog, who has never shown aggression before, just snapped. 

"We heard the dog growl. Before you could say get the baby away from the dog or move to get down there, it had happened."

Mercy Flight flew Maverick to Shriner's Hospital in Cincinnati for treatment of a deep gash on his face. 

The toddler lost a large portion of his cheek in the attack. 

His baby fat came in handy for doctors, who used the skin from Maverick's neck to graft over his cheek.

"It was one of the worst things that I've had to actually cope with," said Maverick's dad Steven Shaw. 

"You don't want to see something you love that much in pain."

Mav, as his family calls him, has already had two surgeries and will need at least one more.

Despite healing from a serious injury, you'll rarely hear Maverick crying; these days, he's more of a listener. 

Maverick discovered the Game of Thrones soundtrack in the hospital and now, he can't get enough. 

Days before Maverick was attacked, he posed for some Disney themed photos.

"We didn't get those back until like a week and a half ago. It was pretty hard to see those for the first time," Erika said. 

For her, they're a reminder of a sudden and unprovoked assault.

"I'm traumatized. I will never be the same. We have two dogs and I'm not the same towards them and we've had them for 11 years."

Erika doesn't want to see the black lab put down, but said she'll never allow her son near the dog again.

The family is hosting a fundraiser called "Tough Like Mav" Sunday, June 10 to help pay for transportation costs to Shriners. Shaw said their first bill is several thousand dollars. 

The event details are below:

When: Sunday, June 10 from 12 to 5pm
Where: The Polish Falcons, 123 S. Swan Street in Batavia
What: Raffles & spaghetti dinner donated by Chef's in Buffalo. All proceeds will go towards paying for Maverick's past and ongoing treatment. 

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