ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — At his decked-out Bills-themed city office, superfan Ron Maggio is feeling confident, yet on edge, for Sunday’s playoff game when Buffalo takes on the Kansas City Chiefs.

“They can beat anybody. I really mean that. BUT you gotta hope the right Josh Allen shows up,” he says.

Maggio says the Bills’ quarterback has his moments — but has been playing well recently. The Chiefs and their quarterback– Patrick Mahomes,— is not a challenge to take lightly. He says whoever wins, it will be a TIGHT game. 

“I’d be surprised if it was more than three or seven points,” he says.

Local bars are saying this Sunday will be a game-changer. With the pandemic still happening, Cutter Ferguson with the Blossom Road Pubon Winton Road says the Bills bring business. 

“People who might not go out, are going to come out,” says Ferguson.

At Kerney’s Pub on East Main, some of the customers are kicking off the fun early. “We’re going to be down here, having a great time, eating great chicken wings, Bills…everything mafia, get some!” says Bills fan Brian Watson.

Maggio says there’s been too much disappointment over the years. “I’ve been to all four Super Bowls, and I’ve sat through some devastating moments,” he says.

Maggio’s almost 80 and just survived a heart attack. He’s hoping 2022 with be big for Buffalo and the fans. “I love the Bills. God bless them, I hope they do it.”

This Sunday, be sure to catch the game on CBS, kickoff is at 6:30 p.m.