Rochester City Ballet will present “Cinderella” March 9-11 at the Nazareth Arts Center.

Jessica Tretter, who will share the role of Cinderella with Megan Kamler, discussed the dream opportunity Tuesday during News 8 at Noon.

“It’s been wonderful to create a character,” said Tretter, a professional dancer with Rochester City Ballet. “We don’t get that that often, so it’s been really fun to delve into that acting.”

Tretter, from Brighton, is excited to share the role with Irondequoit’s Megan Kamler. “She’s such an incredible dancer. Just to watch her on stage is magical and I learn so much. And then to learn a role from her, because she danced this role I think four years ago when we did the ballet, it’s been such a great learning experience. It can only make you better. She’s definitely someone I always look to in the company for inspiration so it’s really cool to share a role with her.”

Tretter said this version of “Cinderella” will feature more children. “Traditionally, the company was a little bit smaller, so more of the school is involved, and now we’ve grown and progressed, so we added to the show. And there’s a lot more animal characters, and we have butterflies, and the kids go throughout the entire show.”

The family show is a wonderful opportunity for Tretter to showcase her ability. “I kind of grew up with this production because I trained here at the Draper Center under Tim Draper when he was still alive, and we put together ‘Cinderella.’ I think I was 13 years old the first time I was in the production, so I’ve kind of grown up through it, and moved back to Rochester after being away for awhile and got to go right into this production in a new role.”

The show will enjoy the skillful work of Rochester City Ballet Artistic Director David Palmer, while also marking a return to the stage of the company’s former Artistic Director Jamey Leverett. “She a little bit of a stage ham in a really good way,” said Tretter with a laugh. “So for her to come and play the evil stepmother, it’s so entertaining. She’s fantastic.”

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