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Marvel fans… assemble! “Avengers Endgame” is projected to gross hundreds of millions of dollars this weekend. Area residents came to Pittsford Plaza by the hundreds to watch the new film. Most were hoping for a different outcome than “Infinity War”, the last Avengers movie where Thanos, the bad guy, won the day. 

Sporting Thor tattoos, Kiki Costello says “Endgame” has been, “a long time coming. I’m hoping for a win for the good guys this time.”

“I think there’s going to be some hard work and some sacrifices yet again,” says a woman dressed in a full Captain Marvel costume.

Erin & Megan Murphy add, “(We’re) really waiting for that conclusion seeing what’s going to happen. It’s a culmination of something like 21 films or something.”

Looking suave in shades like Tony Stark, Tom Kearny says “Uhhhh…(I want) to see all the people that were dusted come back.”

Most were excited for Endgame. Most. Mike Fedor was dragged there by his son. “It wasn’t my first choice.”

And the reactions? 

“Amazing”, “Incredible”, “Intense”, all spoken by wide-eyed and satisfied fans leaving the theater. 

Iron Man junkie John Pol says watch the film, but keep a lid on it for others who have yet to see it. “I just hope everyone enjoys it. I cannot wait and don’t spoil it, don’t spoil it for anyone.”


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