ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The defense team of the Brighton man accused of killing his wife with an axe with 1982 returned to court on Wednesday morning.

James Krauseneck is charged with second degree murder in connection with the death of his wife, Cathleen Krauseneck on Feb. 12, 1982.

“Whenever you have a case that goes back literally decades, you’re trying to make sure that you comply with both the discovery laws which have always existed in New York so you’re trying to make sure you’re turning everything to the defense so that they can do their job,” Prosecutor Bill Gargan said.

On Wednesday morning, the defense and the prosecution met to discuss evidence that will or won’t be presented in the trial — Krauseneck himself was not present.

“It’s the prosecution of a case that’s 38 years old and to resurrect the prosecution at this time — it’s complicated. There’s just no way around it,” Defense Attorney William Easton said.

Krauseneck is scheduled to go on trial in June of this year and in a previous press conference, officials said forensics and DNA analysis played a key role in James’ arrest and subsequent charges.

At that conference, Brighton Chief Catholdi said they didn’t find any evidence that placed anyone else but Krauseneck at the scene.

A meeting is scheduled for early March with the judge and Krauseneck where Krauseneck must be present.