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Calls on owner to get repairs done

LYONS, NY (WROC-TV) “It’s one of the most severe cases I’ve heard of in many, many years,” says Assemblyman Brian Manktelow (District 130), reacting to the situation at Canal Side Mobile Home Park in Lyons. The residents have been without power now for over three weeks.

The Town of Lyons had to turn the power off due to multiple safety issues, like naked power lines, power surges and old equipment.

As the Code Enforcer for Lyons, and representatives from NYSEG, have said repeatedly: it’s up to park owner Phil Provenzano of EPCP Properties to make repairs within the park before they can move any further.

Provenzano has supplied paperwork showing the park has had problems going back to 1979. The Lyons Code Enforcer says either way, Provenzano is the owner and needs to make repairs.

Manktelow issued a letter along with Senator Pam Helming to the New York State Attorney General asking for immediate action. Manktelow is calling on Provenzano to get repairs done.

“He (Provenzano) really needs to make things happen quickly. He has a responsibility to those tenants. They pay their rent, trusting that he’s going to provide the services that he’s supposed to. And these individuals are having a tough time out there,” says Manktelow.

Manktelow says he had the chance to speak to Attorney General Letitia James in person about the Canal Side Park.

“Between the Senator, myself and the (Attorney General’s) office, we’re here to help those individuals, and I know she (James) is here to help also. If we move forward with this, anything that they need, she’ll help them with, and I do know that. And I’ll be in contact with her staff continually to make sure that happens,” he adds.

Some residents have reported that park management has threatened (via text message) to evict residents if their rent is not paid for August. Manktleow says based off the residents he’s spoken with, they should not be evicted. He says these services are required by law from the owner and are not being provided.

“These residents have rights, and they didn’t do anything wrong. They did their part. They should not be evicted because it’s costing them money for the generators that they have, the lost food, eating out more often, going to different places. They’ve endured a lot right now and it would be ‘shame on him’ if he tries to start the eviction process,” says Manktelow.

The Assemblyman says there is help available for all parties here, including Provenzano.

“If the owner of the mobile home park came to us and said ‘look it, is there any grant funding out there?’, we would help him also,” he adds.

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