This is not a line of people waiting to vote.

It’s a line that has stretched and grown for hours, made up of people who, on this historic Election Day, want to pay their respects to one of the cemetery’s most famous residents – Susan B. Anthony.

Thousands of people flocked to Mount Hope Cemetery to take a picture with Anthony’s grave and leave their “I Voted” stickers, flowers, and other tokens of appreciation.

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The line wrapped around the cemetery and had doubled by noon. Some people we talked to said they waited longer for this than they did to vote.

At one point, the cemetery officials started getting nervous about the actual grave because so many people had turned up. They started having people in line put stickers on another grave and a poster board.

The atmosphere was emotional, with many women crying while waiting in line. Some told us they got two stickers, just to remember this emotional day.

“I got an extra sticker to put on the grave,” said Madeline Quercia. “I told the woman, ‘I want my sticker, but can I get an extra one for Susan B. Anthony?’ Because she’s the reason I can vote.”

“This is my opportunity and time to not only pay homage to women and suffrage acts like Susan B. Anthony, but also to women are continuing to fight for equality,” said Sophie Gallivan.

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Many women shared their stories of why this day was so important to them, including a woman who served as a pilot in World War II.

News 8’s John Kucko livestreamed the event on Facebook for the entire day. Nearly five million viewers from around the world tuned in, and several reached out to let us know how much the stream meant to them.

The cemetery will remain open past normal hours, until 9 p.m. on Election Day. There is expected to be some kind of cut-off after that.

After 5:30 p.m., only foot traffic through the North Gate will be allowed. Flashlights are recommended. City officials will be on hand to help visitors.

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