Anti-poverty initiative allocates nearly $200,000 for community initiatives

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The Rochester Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative decided to take a different approach to addressing poverty, actually asking the people in those communities what their needs are.

“It’s all about increasing the opportunity for parents to go to work and then we can stop confusing can’t work, with don’t have proper care to go back to work,” said Rosa Curtis, whose proposed initiative The Hangout Spot would be provide overnight, and late-shift child care. 

After lots of community discourse, and then asking people to vote, they came up with 5 different projects towards which they thought nearly 200 thousand dollars should go. One of those projects, was Rosa’s.

“They’re trying to piece together child care, grandma has them this day but it may not be reliable, but now they’ll have somewhere reliable to go for their children in the evening when they’re working,” said Curtis.

Curtis’s proposal wonn $50,000 to fund remodeling a space, buying play materials, and child safe furniture. Having a place parents can bring their kids so they can work, Curtis says, is an incredibly important way to mitigate poverty. 

Growing Out of Poverty was another initiative that won big. Joseph Becker says, this means, “resources, and incentives for young people to get involved and professionals to come in and offer their services.”

Becker says that his community gardening initiative helps address food dessert issues in poor communities, while also teaching children about healthful eating. 

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