Thanks to News 8 viewers, we’ve solved the mystery of Amelia Earhart’s visit to upstate NY nearly 90 years ago.

Last week we showed you this newly discovered home movie, filmed by Livonia resident Harold Trott, of Amelia Earhart speaking at a rally in this region in 1928.  Based on Trott’s own notes, historians thought the film might show the opening of the Leroy airport in October 1928.  But Earhart didn’t visit Leroy until the following January.

Now, we’ve got an answer: it turns out he filmed Earhart’s visit to film to Canastota – east of Syracuse –  on August 28, 1928. In a photo that accompanied the newspaper article about Earhart’s visit, published in the Madison County Times in 1928, Earhart is wearing the same clothes, and sitting by the same people as shown in Trott’s film.  Earhart was in Canastota to dedicate the new airport there. That airport does not exist today.
Doc Trott’s home movies are believed to be the only moving images of Earhart on the celebrity circuit in upstate NY, right after she became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928.  10 years later, Earhart disappeared over the Pacific Ocean, in an attempt to fly around the world.

For the original report about the discovery of Doc Trott’s film, click here.

Trott’s film contains many images of early aviation in and around Rochester.  It’s being preserved by Glenn Galbraith, owner of Roc Archive.     

Galbraith will show the film on October 21st at Home Movie Day, presented by the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester.  For more information, click here

You can also watch the film on the Roc Archive YouTube Channel, by clicking here.

You can read the newspaper article about Earhart’s visit to Canastota below. 

Amelia Earhart- Madison County Times by maureen mcguire on Scribd