Allergies are back and starting out strong, find out what the new treatments are

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Most people look forward to the beautiful colors and smells from the blossoming trees. But with it comes sneezing, itching, eye watering allergies.

Some may think their getting a cold.

Dr. Donald Pulver from the Allergy Asthma Immunology of Rochester says the symptoms are almost identical.

“You can’t differentiate, except the cold usually has a fever or temperature with it, but they’re the same,” said Dr. Pulver. “If it persists more than two weeks, okay now we’re into allergy.”

The unseasonably warm temperatures over the weekend only made it worse.

Dr. Pulver says this is actually fairly late for tree pollen, but instead of one tree pollen coming out we’re seeing close to seven tree pollens all at once.

The pollen reports are showing high levels of tree pollen — Maple, Poplar and Ash being the highest. 

Many people are used to treatments like over-the-counter allergy pills and nasal sprays.

Pharmacist Lekisha Griffen, owner of New Clinton Pharmacy, says there are some changes for this year’s allergy season.

 “Xyzal use to be a prescription only allergy medication,” said Griffen. “It’s now available over-the-counter so you don’t need a prescription to get that medication.”

Sublingual tablets are now on the market, which are available for grass and rag weed.

The tree pollen is out and about, and soon the grass pollen will follow. Doctors recommend getting your allergy medication now before the symptoms start showing up.

If you’re getting sinus or ear infections, or have asthma problems, doctors recommend to see an allergist to determine what treatment will work best.

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