Removed judge Leticia Astacio is planning to run for the Rochester City Council, Board of Election officials confirm to News 8.

Astacio was removed from office last fall, as a result of the aftermath of her drunk driving conviction in 2016.

The former judge lost her $187,000 salary as part of the removal decision by the Commission on Judicial Conduct. After leaving office, Astacio re-opened her law office.

According to the Board of Elections, Astacio received forms with voter information and is planning to run for a spot on the city court again or city council.

In a social media post Tuesday, Astacio said, “Remember, well behaved women rarely make history and shake some (expletive) up this month, I certainly plan to.” 

Gun charges against Astacio are still pending. She was arrested in spring 2018 for trying to buy a shotgun, which deputies said violated the terms of her probation.

UPDATE: Speaking with News 8, the administrator for the state Commission on Judicial Conduct, Robert H. Tembeckjian, says Astacio would be ineligible to serve as a judge again.

“Under the New York State constitution, a judge who has been removed from office is ineligible to be a judge again,” he explains. “That presumably would mean that they can’t be on the ballot because even if they were to be elected they could not serve. But in the 40 years or so that I’ve been doing this sort of work, this is the first time that I’m aware of that a judge who was removed is contemplating running for judicial office again. So as far as I’m aware, it’s never happened before.”

There is no bar from a removed judge from running for or holding non-judicial office.