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University of Rochester student Maddy Wary is starring in the new Netflix movie Triple Frontier with Ben Affleck and Oscar Isaac.
Wary hadn’t acted much prior to this role, but she grew up in Hawaii and the casting crew wanted a young woman from Hawaii to play Affleck’s daughter.
Wary fit the bill and was picked after an audition.
As people across the world watch the movie, Wary continues her studies at UR, which includes neuroscience.
She talks with Adam about her newfound celebrity.
Adam: So before this, what was your biggest role? 
Wary: I did Kidcaster on my local news Sunrise, I was probably 12, I think, and I did the news for one of those random 5 minute increments of the weather.
Adam: Quite a jump. How are you handling that kind of rise?
Wary: It’s pretty difficult to get into the mindset of everything that’s been happening just because since I’m still in school and have tons of homework that I have to deal with so I can’t focus my attention on this.
Adam: How long was the shoot for?
Wary: It was about a month, but within a month it was probably like 3 to 4 days a week.
Adam: What was that like?
Wary: It was mostly really fun… There was a lot of waiting around for the crew to do their job. We did a lot of multiple takes of me just walking, just with a lot of different angles, so a lot of long days of doing the same thing over and over again.
Adam: When you were around the stars like Ben Affleck, was it tough to separate yourself from the job and the people you were with, or were they just people at that point?
Wary: I’m not good with the whole celebrity scene. I don’t follow magazines and their lives, so I really knew nothing about them besides a couple movies they were in so it was really easy for me to just be normal around them, I guess…
Adam: As it’s come out, what’s been the reaction among your classmates?
Wary: I get teased a lot in a joking way, I mean, what else are they going to say? They just call me a super star and just make fun of me like that. When everybody first finds out, they either freak out a little bit or the number one reaction is they don’t believe me at first. They’re like you’re not in a movie, what are you talking about. Then they see the trailer and are like, you are in a movie. And then the freakout comes.
Adam: Do you think this is a one-off or will you continue with neuroscience or do you think you’ll try to explore this a little more?
Wary: I’m going to try to explore this as much as possible, especially right now as the movie is getting so hyped up with just being released, but I’m also not going to be really disappointed if this doesn’t work out in like years to come if there’s no more opportunities because I’m very interested in learning and school as well.

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