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Dan Ciavarri is a special agent with the local branch of the FBI.

For the past 6 years, he has worked primarily on public corruption and white collar crime.

Here are some of his answers to questions about what life is like as a G-Man:

How did you get involved with the Federal Bureau of Investigation?

When I was as young as 3rd grade, I remember I created a pair of credentials on an index card and put my school picture on it … As far as I remember, I wanted to be a special agent and it’s something that stuck with me and I pursued as I went through college and beyond.

Was it hard to become one?

It is hard to become a special agent … it’s a rigorous process, it requires at least a bachelor degree, but usually even higher education and they want some specialized experience.

So what is it like to be an FBI agent?

It’s cliché, but every day is different. One morning you could be doing surveillance, then spending a couple hours reviewing emails for evidence of crimes then perhaps executing a search or arrest warrant later that afternoon.

You’re allowed to have a normal life on the side?

Yeah, for the most part. It is interesting because we do investigate in the communities we live in so invariably I run into witnesses or perhaps even subjects of my investigation so it’s always a little awkward, but I definitely run into a lot of defense attorneys that are involved, but, yeah, for the most part I’m out there in community involved in little league baseball and things of that nature.

When you’re involved with little league baseball and people start having a conversation and people ask what do you do, what do you say?

So I kind of have a rule that if I’m not going to see them more than once or twice, I just work for the government or I’m an accountant, but those I know I’m going to see more frequently I let them know what I do.

The FBI generally flies under the radar. Is it a little odd to see the FBI get such a high profile right now?

It is, but truly we are a non-political, very neutral organization. I’ve worked the public corruption angle so I’ve seen a lot, there’s no shortage of fraud or corruption in any community, so it’s definitely a little strange to see our name in the paper so frequently but we just march on with the mission at hand.

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