As dusk approached, soundcheck began, but in that moment the music played second fiddle to the view.

The indie rock band was looking out over Rochester from inside the saucer atop First National Plaza.

The 5 band members of Joywave had a 360-degree view of the place they grew up and continue to live despite rocketing high into the music world.

“We realized we didn’t have to move to LA or New York City to become a big band, which is what we are now, which we’re really, really lucky to get to stay here honestly,” said keyboardist Benjamin Bailey.

Bailey is the only one of the 5 who didn’t graduate from Greece Olympia, but like his band mates, he worked “regular” jobs before the band formed in 2010.

Their last album “How do you feel now?” included songs like Tongues and Destruction, which now regularly play on the radio and help draw larger and larger crowds to their concerts all over the country.

2 weeks ago they dropped their newest record, Content, and that concert above Rochester was a release party for a small group of friends, family and fans.

They recorded the songs in a barn-turned-studio in the Bloomfield area.

“During the recording of the drums we had to do it at 4 in the morning because when the cars and trucks would drive by in my studio headphones you would just hear the panning. It was like playing hockey in the street and a car comes. ‘Car!’ We had do so many takes,” Paul Brenner, the band’s drummer, said.

The band’s vocalist Daniel Armbruster compared the end product to their last album.

“(In our previous record) there was a rock song next to a dance song next to a song with some hip-hop elements and on the new record, all those things are still present, but they’re present inside of every song, so as a record it plays together a little more cohesively,” Armbruster said.

Asked where they hope to go from here, guitarist Joseph Morinelli said, “I guess the main goal is just longevity. We want to make stuff that’s timeless and it’s not rolling with a current fad, stuff you can listen to 5 years from now, 10 years from now, just to be relevant.”

Joywave will be playing in Rochester on Nov. 11 at Anthology on East Ave.