There’s all sorts of comedy.

Insult comedy, observational comedy, character comedy.

Then, there’s Jamie Lissow comedy: stand-up that mirrors his life; loose and light, and carried off with a smile, even after he spent five years living on the road.

“I don’t remember it being hard at all,” Lissow said. “I just remember it being awesome. And recently, now that I have kids, I bought one of them a car bed. That way, if he becomes a comedian, he’ll be used to sleeping in his car.”

His steady rise on the circuit was capped several years ago by an offer from Rob Schneider to write a show with him. 

That show, Real Rob, is now on Netflix, and Lissow plays a leading role.  

“That’s the goal of any comic is to be in a TV show because you want more people to come see your stand-up,” he said. “I don’t want people to think that all I do is ride off the success of Rob Schneider. I also do my own stuff, and if you want to check out some of my stuff I do completely on my own, you can check out my website and go on there.”

Comedy wasn’t always the path for Lissow.         

It was after graduating from Greece Olympia and SUNY Fredonia, and after his first week at law school, that he told his dad he wanted to be a comedian.

“He lowered his newspaper and he said, ‘Let’s go get your stuff. I didn’t want you to be a lawyer, but I didn’t want to break your spirit and stuff and I thought you were too nice to be a lawyer.’ No offense to any lawyers out there, it’s not about you,” he says. “And the rest is, I got my stuff and started doing stand-up comedy wherever they would have me.” 

Lissow is performing this weekend at the new “Comedy at the Carlson” off Humboldt Street in Rochester.

Asked what it’s like to be back in Rochester, Lissow said, “I’m psyched, man. I love downtown Rochester, where you never know who you’re going to see. Like, today, I was walking and saw a really expensive wine bar and then a shirtless man ran by with a shopping cart. There’s something for everybody.”

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