ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The man accused of attacking gubernatorial candidate Congressman Lee Zeldin at a local VFW in July was in federal court Thursday.

David Jakubonis has been in jail since the incident and his defense, led by John DeMarco, is attempting to get Jakubonis into a PTSD and alcohol recovery program with the VA. 

Judge Marian Payson though, wanted more details on how the program would work and did not make a decision. DeMarco said Jakubonis would work through Veterans Treatment Court and the Bath VA, which would monitor any alcohol intake and put him into therapy programs. 

Also appearing in support of getting Jakubonis help were AMVETS national chair Joe Chenelly and County Veterans head Nick Stefanovic.

“The veteran’s facility in Bath has a detox facility, a rehabilitation facility, which is of course a federal resource, and the Veterans Treatment Court takes advantage of that resource — when appropriate,” John DeMarco said.

“I’m very confident he’ll be able to get the treatment that he needs — at that point, it will be up to him what he does with that, but that was the commitment that we made to him that night, and we’re staying with that,” Chenelly said.

The next court appearance for Jakubonis will be on October 19th.