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New York City based tech firm LiveTiles is prepared to add 500 jobs at its growing location in Rochester’s High Falls District.

LiveTiles Senior Vice President for the Americas Dan Diefendorf discussed the company’s focus and growth Wednesday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation on News 8 at Sunrise.

“LiveTiles is one of the fastest growing software to service companies in the world right now,” said Diefendorf. “What we do is we make intelligent workplace software for Microsoft customers all over the world. So the way I would relate it to you is, we all have our personal devices, whether it’s our iPad or iPhones or so forth, but we rarely think about the technology behind it. It’s just intuitive. So we strive to achieve the same outcome for our clients. So we have ways to empower business users and developers with very easy tools like ‘drag and drop’ technology, integrations with all sorts of different business applications and so forth, all enhances by artificial intelligence that make it super easy. Typically these things would be very hard to do. It would require long consultancy hours, development integration work. We do that and make it super easy so that we can basically deliver experiences down to an individual level.”

Part of the company’s recently announced expansion in Rochester will include a $17 million investment. “The $17 million is going to go towards helping us create over 500 jobs here over the next five years,” Diefendorf said. “And that’s everything from investing in cloud infrastructure to the actual people here, to the facilities and so on and so forth. It really requires just a lot of tech build out to make that happen.”

Diefendorf, a Brighton native, said a few things went into the search that brought LiveTiles to Rochester. “First of all, we looked all around the world. We settled on the East Coast. We started narrowing down the cities. Ultimately, we landed here primarily for the top talent. There’s a wave of innovation thinking that’s been here for a very long time and so we wanted to tap into that. Secondly, I would say the relationship with the local universities, in particular RIT. We worked very closely with President Munson’s team throughout the process and they have been super supportive of us. And the other thing too with RIT is that they do a really good job of helping marrying technology with arts and sciences, which is really important to us because our software is very experiential. The other thing I would say, we were very focused on getting a location that was close to our New York City headquarters, and then the thing that put it over the top for us was the local relationships that we developed through New York Economic State Development, the Rochester Chamber of Commerce, Greater Rochester Enterprise, and – of course – the County and the City.”

With the company’s expansion, a mixture of jobs will be created. “We generally say it’s going to be about a third, a third and a third,” explained Diefendorf. “A third is going to be market based positions, which we would refer to as digital marketing. We’ll have business development, sales people and so forth. Then we’re going to have another third that will be customer success focused. We actually have a code name for them. They’re called ‘panthers,’ and the customer success managers work with our clients to drive adoption of the software once they buy it. And then we’ve got a whole third technical lot, which will be development engineers and what we call A.I. deployment managers, which actually help deploy some of our A.I. solutions.”

Diefendorf offered this advice for high school or college students interested in pursuing a career with LiveTiles. “We are an experiential company. We believe in experiences. And I think those that are coming out of high school or in college now should look at it the same way. They should look to have as many experiences as they can get. And for us, it’s not just about the technology, it’s also about the arts and sciences and connecting as many dots, because – ultimately – you’re creating that experience, and I think those type of synapses when they fire, it will really help that student in the process if you’re looking at a company like ours.”

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