Rosalie Detres is a senior phlebotomist at Rochester Regional Health and the mother of a cancer survivor. Rosalie knew she wanted to get into phlebotomy after seeing how important the role is to the success of patients. 

“I use to help the nurses all the time and they give me the opportunity to start there. At first, I was scared but then I was thinking again about my daughter. They need somebody with good skills and take good care of people,” said Rosalie Detres, senior phlebotomist. 

70% of medical diagnostics comes for the work that phlebotomists do. The job is an essential part of the health care community but is facing a shortage crisis with 20 annual openings in New York alone.

“We have phlebotomists, a little less than 200 phlebotomists across the 5 county region within Rochester Regional health. It’s a growing field not only within our organization but within the community,” said Kaitlyn Bond, director of talent acquisition Rochester Regional Health. 

Career outlooks for phlebotomy are expected to grow by 25% in the finger lakes region between 2014 and 2024, making this a good time to break into the career field.

“We help train you in all the phlebotomy skills, the computer training, that customer service activity, We help you to really acclimate to our environment,” said Bond.  

Rochester Regional Health has many opportunities across the 5 county region in phlebotomy. The center doesn’t require a high school diploma or GED, many entry phlebotomists can move into leadership roles, or advance into nursing and laboratory work.

“They send me to Reedman and you take classes in there and also you do it on the side as well…it was easy because you do it while your working,” said Detres. 

Anyone interest in a career in phlebotomy can go to to find out more and view open opportunities.