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A day on the job with MCSO’s court enforcers

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Serving court judgments like summons and subpoenas isn’t a glamorous job and it can sometimes get violent. News 8 rode along with a team of court enforcers with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. 

Deputy Andrew Loughlin and Deputy Joe Chimino are part of a small team of nine sworn deputies and six civilians that form the Civil Bureau. Income execution and wage garnishing are the most common cases that come through their division. Tuesday, they’re serving order protection that came out of family court.

“A family court offense with a court date and it’ll be a temporary order of protection until a judge hears that case,” said Loughlin.

Before they knock on the door, they double check through their computer system to make sure they have the right home and if it’s safe. 

“It’ll advise me if there are any warrants, it’ll also advise me who the registered owner is,” said Loughlin. 

That person wasn’t home.

“Being that its an order protection those are kind of high priority papers, so we’ll try to go and get the person. Until we have exhausted all efforts,” said Loughlin. 

According to Deputy Loughlin, after many attempts at home, they’ll try to serve individuals where they work. With this line of work, the sworn deputies must receive additional training of up to 12 weeks in civil law. On the field civil bureau deputies work alone unless they have to serve at a high-risk location, that’s when they’ll double up or call for back up. Nevertheless, they’re always packing heat. 

“When you’re walking up to the door, you don’t know what’s on the other side,” said Loughlin. “We’ve been into houses before where we’ve interrupted operation or you know somebody’s been using that residence for to package and distribute drugs.”

But even they delivering bad news to folks, the division chief says their deputies are compassionate. 

“The professionalism through the deputies here and their experience we try to make it as smooth as possible and least have some sort of positive impact on it,” said Philip Gombatto Civil Bureau Chief. 

The bureau added that once an individual is served, they write up an affidavit that is sent to the court.  In 2018, civil bureau deputies completed 11, 371 process and enforcement actions. As a result, it generated over a million dollars in revenue that went towards Monroe County’s general fund. 

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