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The City of Rochester has over sixty miles of bike lanes installed with plans of putting in a hundred more miles. This is to continue an effort to make the city more bike friendly. 

Brett Dahlberg is a WXXI reporter that commutes via bicycle on bike lanes. He often found out that many lanes were filled with stopped cars. “I wonder how often this is happening,” said Dahlberg. “Does the city know, and is there a way for the city to follow up on it.” 

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He recorded video on the front of his bicycle over eight weeks. This included typical rides to work, errands, and other trips he could easily take with his car. Almost every day, there was a car in the way. He contacted the city. “Their response is, the city is working on this.” 

The City of Rochester did not get back to News 8, but they have done a lot to encourage biking and continue to add bicycle parking, signage, more bike lanes, education, outreach, and more. 

 Despite these efforts, problems persist.  According to Dahlberg’s reporting, parking tickets that would be issued for parking in the bike lane file under general parking issues, so that makes it difficult for the city to track progress. 

A small percentage of people bike regularly to work and other errands while most drive. Studies show there is a large population that is considering using a bike as a main form of transportation, but safety concerns because of cars prevent them from doing so. 

Matthew Steele is an avid bicyclist and rides to work every day. He has seen improvements with Rochester bike lanes,  but have friends that still stay away. 

“I know a lot of people that don’t ride or wouldn’t ride because it’s really not safe right now,” said Steele. 

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