Every year, dozens of people rappel down twenty-one stories for the Boy Scouts.

This year was no different – eighty-four people made the descent down the First Federal Plaza Building on Friday.

But one of the rappellers is someone you might not expect. First-time rappeller Joe Aiello set a record today, becoming the oldest person to make the 309 foot journey at the age of 89.

“We’ve had several in their 80’s, but at 89, he’s our new record setter,” said Stephen Hoitt of the Boy Scouts of America.

You think one record would be good enough for Joe, right, but he also smashed the fundraising record, raising over $32,000 for the Boy Scouts of America.

At the start of the descent, Aiello briefly fell, but the rappel locks caught him just as they were designed to do. And a split-second freefall wasn’t about to stop him.

Once he got the hang of it, Joe flew down the building, as his family watched from the street.
After arriving safely on terra firma, Joe said, “It’s a great experience, and I’ll do it again.”

In fact, he said he wants to rappel again next year, at the age of 90 – but only if Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo takes the plunge with him.