Some argue the recent moratorium passed by Village of Pittsford Trustees was aimed at halting just one single development, a proposed hotel and spa by Wilmorite at Schoen Place.

However, the one-year stay is for all new site plan and rezoning applications received by the village. Mayor Bob Corby told News 8 the reason behind this is to effectively update building codes, something that hasn’t been done since 2002.

“We want to have new development, and growth is great, but we want village fabric. Not suburban fabric inserted in the village,” said Corby.

The moratorium vote will impact any future developments in the village that are new builds. It does not apply to applications for home and business owners to make additions, repairs, or renovations to existing properties. 

One project we wanted to find out whether it would experience setbacks due to the moratorium, is the long-delayed Westport Crossing development, also known as 75 Monroe. 

It’s a proposal to build 160 apartments and a restaurant along the canal. One that is not going to be affected by the moratorium as the village previously approved its site plan. 

Though there’s still some hoops developers need to jump through before they can get shovels in the ground. 

A spokesperson for the project’s developer, Mark IV Enterprises, Don Riley, told News 8 they met with the Village Architectural Planning and Review Board several weeks ago, and is still waiting for the board to review requested changes for the project. 

This, following almost five years of legal battles between the village and developers.

“A delay in the right to develop your property costs everyone. It costs the village. They’ve lost three or four years of tax revenue that our project would have brought the village, to the school district,” said Riley, who puts the blame on the Village’s long list of demands. 

Corby, however, did not agree that it was the village causing delays for Mark IV.

As for the recent moratorium, Riley called it unnecessary. He hopes Wilmorite will not end up in a similar situation with the village.

Riley anticipates construction at Westport Crossing could start as soon as Spring 2018.