MACEDON, N.Y. (WROC) — Sandra Sollie vanished in Macedon on May 23 of 1994. She was 38-years-old, and six months pregnant at the time.

Sollie was never found, and her case eventually went cold, but some haven’t given up the search for answers.

A private investigator who is working on the case handed out fliers Monday, making sure people still remember Sandra and this nearly 30-year-old case.

“I gave them a call, the family, and I went up and I met with them and I told them that I would do the case for one dollar, and I would work on it until we either found her or I dropped dead,” said Richard Ingram. “I keep hoping, wishing, and praying that somebody who’s still alive comes forward with some information.”

New York State Police handled the original investigation.