23 cats found dead after fire at Victor animal rescue house

Local News

Stephenie McCormick, like many, lost power during Wednesday’s wind storm. 

“We had no sump pump everything was out so I ran out of the house and got a kerosene heater,” McCormick said.

McCormick tells News 8 she was gone for a few hours. When she returned home to see her house engulfed in smoke. She says the fire started in the chimney. 

McCormick’s number one concern are her cats. McCormick ran a not-for-profit, HopeAgain Cats, out of her home.  McCormick tells News 8 although dozens of cats died from smoke inhalation, 19 lived because they were on a different part of the property.

Most of McCormick’s cats were spayed and neutered at Lollypop Farm. Six of the rescued cats are in critical condition. The cat rescue community hopes McCormick will rebuild sooner rather than later. 

McCormick’s dog was also rescued from the fire.

To help McCormick rebuild HopeAgain Cats click here.

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