Editor’s Note (12/12): After receiving media inquiries, police clarified that the number of cars stolen was “about a dozen,” which is five cars lower than the initial number given by Hertz. This article has been updated to reflect law enforcement count.

GATES, N.Y. (WROC) – The Gates Police Department is investigating after approximately 12 vehicles were stolen overnight at Hertz Car Rental in Gates on Ajax Road. Officers say during the overnight hours a group of people are seen on video cutting the fence to the secured rental car lot.

According to GPD, the suspects were able to obtain keys to the rental vehicles which were parked in the lot.

“The suspects used one of the vehicles, a Chevrolet Suburban, to push multiple vehicles out of the way of the vehicle exit fence,” officers said.

Then the suspects were able to break through the fence with the Suburban. The suspects then broke through the fence with the Suburban. Officers have recovered some of the vehicles at this point.

The investigation remains ongoing. Anyone with further information is asked to call GPD (585) 247-2262 or email them at tips@townofgates.org