1,000 jobs could be coming to Henrietta as T-Mobile/Sprint merger passes DOJ

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Town Supervisor hopes new call center can take in Frontier employees

HENRIETTA, N.Y. (WROC) — The $26 billion merger between T-Mobile and Sprint secured final approval Friday from the Department of Justice. More than one thousand jobs could be coming to a new proposed call center in Henrietta…but the merger still has to clear the FCC. Either way, Henrietta Town Supervisor Steve Shultz is ready. 

“That’s one thousand more buyers, in town, supporting restaurants, gas stations, super markets,” says Schultz.

He’s hoping the Frontier employees getting laid off this month can be absorbed into the new center. New York Attorney General Letiticia James, and other state Attorney Generals, are suing to block the merger. James says she feels its only going to hurt consumers who rely on low monthly plans, by raising prices, and cutting quality. 

“(We) will continue to litigate this matter, because we believe this deal is bad for consumers, bad for innovation, and bad for Americans as a whole,” says James.

James adds this will lead to retail job losses, and lower pay for employees. How that could happen, and the opposition to the merger is something Schultz isn’t sure about. 

“As an average citizen, it just doesn’t make sense to me,” adds Schultz.

Henrietta residents we spoke to welcome the merger and call center. 

“Any jobs brought to the area are great,” says Scott Cole.

“Honestly, 1,000 jobs sounds amazing,” says Josh Slish.

“It’s a really exciting opportunity for the area, adds Nick Donfrio.

Schultz says the tax base for the business would be another added benefit. He’s hoping Attorney General James, and the other Attorney Generals, will drop the lawsuit.

“If there a good reason for it going forward…I don’t understand it,” he says.

Schultz says if the merger does not pass the FCC, and the call center they’re building does not happen, they’ll likely get turned into office spaces. 

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