Sherry Vill is a home and business owner in Greece, both her home and business were severely damaged by flooding.

“We’ve had to move everything out of the home all the furniture out of the home and we’re just preparing for the worst right now,” said Vill. 

Between damage to her home and her business, a gas station with an attached store. Vill estimates the damage could be more than $50,000, and insurance she says, isn’t covering it. 

“We haven’t heard anything. We’re in the dark. Are we going to be receiving any funds? Is anyone is coming around to help us? We don’t know,” said Vill.

Governor Cuomo announced $10 million in money for local municipalities, but Greece town supervisor says he’s still worried about homeowners like Vill.

“The real harm, I mean certainly we’re feeling it as a town, but the harm is to homeowners who could have 50-100 thousand dollars in damage each so we appreciate the money from the Governor, but we want to see something on behalf of the homeowners,” said Greece town supervisor, Bill Reilich. 

Reilich says the town of Greece estimates around $300,000 in damage from the flooding so far.