Local kids are heading to the U.S. Open


ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) – A group of young athletes are going to the U.S. Open. It’s a once in a lifetime trip, where they’ll get play center court before the matches start. It’s part of the USTA’s Net Generation Program. A program that helps players ages 3 to 18 develop tennis fundamentals and passion for the game.

The group of 24 are from Midtown’s Athletic Club. They’ll be showing off what they’ve got in front of hundreds and some pro tennis players at Louis Armstrong Stadium before the U.S. Open. 

“It takes extreme focus and confidence,” said Isabella Perkins, young tennis player heading to the U.S. Open.  “I’m looking forward to watching the pros, and I’m looking forward to playing on the courts.” 

 “It’s fun and you play tennis and get to go on to a stage, and then you get to play on the court where the big people play,” said Sabri Tozin, who’s also heading to the U.S. Open. 

According to Tozin, he enjoys playing tennis because there are so many moves you can do on the court. 

“Because you can go like this and then change it to slice and that’s kind of creative. So I would say that,” said Tozin. 

The group is one out of 60 groups nationwide that applied to participate and got the invite.

“This is incredible. To get the kids out on the court where the pros are playing before the match, and talk to the pros. watch tennis all day long they come back inspired. It’s great for us and what we do every day,” said 

Some of them do indeed come back inspired.

“It’s very cool that other people would like to think I’m the next generation of the maybe Ralph Nadal or Tiafoe or anyone,” said Tozin. 

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